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Discover & Automate your Backoffice processes with 100% success rates & reliability. Shield your process automation solutions - Real-Time Analytics, 24/7 Monitoring, and Alerts for Unmatched Reliability and Success.

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Adaapt is your all-in-one platform for tracking your overall Digital Transformation journey.

Measure your overall progress effortlessly with Adaapt-the exclusive platform for simplifying the adoption of new technologies. Identify, evaluate, and address broken processes, while seamlessly building, integrating, managing, and monitoring technology solutions across departments-all in one place.

For Process Owners

For Process Owners

Gain insights into key process metrics.

For Users

For Users

Monitor processes easily, receive alerts, and ensure business continuity.

For Developers

For Developers

Seamlessly integrate your database or low-code technology solutions.

For Leaders

For Leaders

Obtain an overall view of DX progress and key Business KPIs across organization.

Adaapt: Streamline Processes, Reduce Errors, Improve Efficiency

Adaapt is one single centralised hub where you can connect all technology solutions like OCR, RPA, AI/ML, etc. into one place and monitor them 24/7 effotlessly across departments.


Start your Digital transformation journey with ease !

We are simplifying every aspect of DX journey, from onboarding process owners to tracking & monitoring business processes , everything under one tool.

Gather all process heads in one centralized platform

Discover processes and conduct value benefit analysis

Obtain quick approval from management for process automation

Seamlessly integrate, manage, and monitor solutions

All-in-one platform

Get all your Process heads, users & leaders all in one place

Set your Digital transformation Objectives
Collect process related information
Assess the feasibility to Automate the process
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Better monitoring

Discover Broken Processes, Analyze Value Insights, Get Quick Approvals

Auto-Calculate ROIs and Savings for Process Automation
Set Workflow for Streamlined Approvals
Evaluate Platforms & Licensing Costs for Higher ROI
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10+ integrations

Centrally Integrate, Track & Measure on One Platform

Integrate Low-Code Solutions & Databases Centrally
Define, Track, & Measure KPIs for Each Process
Analyze Overall ROI & Department-Wise Performance
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Track Errors

Automate Error Tracking with Alerts

Analyze Error Rates & Solution Stability
Track Issue Status and Resolve Promptly
Receive alerts via WhatsApp, Teams, and Slack
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Monitor Operations with AI-powered Insights

Define SLAs for any process
Escalate Unresolved Issues Efficiently
Download reports and error logs on-demand
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How It Works

Our platform is designed to help you understand the digital transformation journey of your organization. Check out the possibilities below.

  • 1

    Discover your back-office processes which can be automated and conduct value benefit analysis and get approvals

  • 2

    Integrate Low-Code Technologies (RPA, OCR, Chatbots, AI / ML) across organization to ensure 24/7 monitoring for Enhanced Performance and business continuity

  • 3

    Track Business KPIs Across Departments for Insightful Trend Analysis

  • 4

    Dive Deep into Error Analytics, Trend Analysis, and Comparative Analytics by Department

  • 5

    Seamlessly Connect with Slack, Teams WhatsApp, and Email for Critical Alerts and Notifications

  • 6

    Gain a 360-Degree Leadership View on Digital Transformation Progress

  • 7

    GEN AI: Effortlessly Populate Graphs with Conversational Text

  • 8

    Analyze Licensing Tool Utilization and Save Costs by Removing Obsolete Licenses


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Choose Adaapt for your business

Extra care and thought were put into each and every one to provide an amazing development experience.


Savings on revenue lost from broken processes and systems failures


Error cost reduction from manual intervention and rework


Better insights for decision-making and strategy planning


Avoid the extra cost for analytics and monitoring tools


Lower support and maintenance expenses for legacy systems


Faster adoption of digital transformation initiatives


Quicker streamlining of processes times and costs for new products and services


Ensured transparency in processes and systems for better governance


Reduction in error rates and processing times for repetitive tasks

Experience the benefits of a unified platform

  • Simplify your tech stack and reduce costs

  • Flexibility to implement solutions across platforms

  • Save on licensing expenses

  • Streamline analytical tools and reports creation

  • Stay ahead of SLAs with alert notifications

  • Rapidly adopt new technology solutions

  • Access organizational-level metrics with ease

  • Ensure reliability of implemented solutions

  • Optimize platform utilization

  • Seamlessly integrate with analytical, AI/ML, or automation platforms

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What makes Adaapt better?

Top features, user-friendly interface, continuous innovation, streamline opportunities, cost-effective digital automation transition.


  • Not Flexible to Suit All Processes

    Many automation platforms lack the flexibility to adapt to diverse processes, limiting their effectiveness. Moreover, they offer no flexibility to integrate different processes into a single platform, further hindering efficiency

  • High Subscription Costs

    Several platforms impose high subscription costs, including expensive licensing fees, even during the process identification phase.

  • Lack of Organization-Wide Control

    Other platforms may lack organization-wide control, often providing user-based logins rather than role-based management for overseeing automation benefits.

Your Company
  • Super Flexible for all Processes

    Choose Adaapt for its unmatched flexibility. Whether you opt for Adaapt's automation solutions or prefer to build bots using various tools, our platform seamlessly integrates all processes for centralized control and optimized ROI.

  • Cost-Effective Plans

    Adaapt offers budget-friendly plans tailored to your organization's needs. Say goodbye to excessive subscription fees and hello to optimized ROI with minimal licensing costs during process identification.

  • Complete Organization-Wide Control

    With Adaapt, gain complete organizational oversight through role-based management. Monitor automation benefits at the organizational level and optimize resource allocation effortlessly.

  • Reliable Alerts & Notification Modules

    Stay ahead of the curve with Adaapt's reliable alerts and notification modules. Receive timely updates and proactively manage automated processes, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced productivity.

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Cogos Technologies

I asked for something that is not present in their product, and in a few days they implemented it and demonstrated the enhancement. I look forward to collaborate with them when need arises.


AKR Logistics India

You guys were fast and came up with super solutions once you'll understood the process, it was really nice interaction


ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

Not only the producs were interesting but also the team's expertise helped us to have a better understanding of the product and also explore various possibilities across teams and processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common queries about the automation platform. Learn how our innovative features can revolutionize your processes and elevate your digital transformation journey.

Similar to managing physical robots, our platform allows you to identify and optimize digital robots for maximum efficiency.

Collaborating on bot performance and errors ensures business continuity, fostering a shared understanding and collective effort towards success.

Yes, our platform offers customizable features to adapt to the specific requirements of your organization's digital landscape.

Our platform is designed to streamline processes through digital automation, helping you work smarter, not harder.

Yes, our platform provides real-time monitoring and tracking capabilities, allowing you to stay informed about the performance of your digital workforce.

Organizations can achieve over 85% cost savings by having a central tool to integrate and manage bots across departments.

Our platform incorporates robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data throughout the automation process.

Managing different bots at the department level provides a clear view of overall digital transformation, offering insights into performance and impact.

Absolutely, we provide comprehensive training resources to empower your team in utilizing the automation tools effectively.

To get started, simply reach out to our dedicated support team, and they will guide you through the onboarding process tailored to your organization's needs.